Nalu is a 25 month old German Shepherd import. Nalu has excellent hips. He is a semi-social dog with excellent drive and environmentally sound. His grip is firm, full and calm. He is available finished for dual purpose narcotics



Cruize is an 18 month old yellow male Labrador. Cruize is full of drive and confidence. Excellent hips and spine. Social and environmentally sound. Cruize is available finished. Cruize is currently imprtinted on one odor


Jasta is a 20 month old solid black intact female malinois. She is incredibly social and has excellent nerves. Hips, Spine, Elbows, teeth and eyes clear. She’s approximately 45 pounds and has started imprinting on narcotics. Single Purpose, available finished


Diesel is a dutch import xDS. Clear hips, spine, elbows, teeth and eyes. 26 months old… Videos are 36 hours off the plane. First session on dutch boxes and first bite session. Full, firm and calm grip. Excellent nerve and social. Started imprinting for narcotics


Taz is a dual purpose prospect and is currently 22 months old. Taz has a very nice grip and works multiples targets (biceps, forearms and legs). He has started tracking and passive narcotics work. He is averaged sized at 65 pounds and has clean x rays. Taz is neutral to social.


Borg is an averaged sized 25 month old GSD at 80 pounds. Borg has great drives and is sound in all environments. He has an excellent grip and is biting all targets on a suit. He is exceptionally easy to handle and social. He’s been started in passive odor work, bite work and tracking. He has clean x rays.


Crow is a 12 week old German Short Haired Pointer from imported hunting lines. Crow is a single purpose project between Torchlight K9, Power Pointers and a local Sheriffs office to create a pipeline of quality GSPs for single purpose work. Crow is not for sale but TLK9 can produce finished Adults on request.